The Aroma. The Taste. Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans. Oh, My!

A hand roasted small batch boutique in Valley View, Texas. Freshly roasted coffee beans of life's little pleasures.



Guatemala Antigua. This region’s rich volcanic soil and cool weather provide the perfect conditions to produce one of the world’s best coffees. It offers an exquisite roundness, deep caramel notes, and a bright, nutty, full body.



Express Ordering is designed to get your order to us and deliver it in the shortest period of time. Use this form to order your freshly roasted beans. I will confirm your order within hours and prepare your coffee. I will contact you with pick up options. As this process makes everything more efficient, your price will be only $14 lb and $13 lb for subsequent lbs, per order. 100% Estate Maui is only $19 lb. and $17 lb. for subsequent lbs, per order.






Whether it's a relative in Dallas or clients that just need to be specially thanked for their business, Rancho Paraiso Coffee is the ideal choice. With coffee varieties numbering over 20 and free gift boxes, the coffee lover on your list will be very pleased, indeed.


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5.  What Folks Are Saying About My Coffee


  • RANCH BLEND - Our best-seller. A blend of smooth, aromatic Columbia and full bodied, earthy Sumatra.
  • HACIENDA BLEND - A rich, sweet, smooth blend with a full body and a very clean finish...perfect for the whole hacienda.
  • CONGO HIGH MOUNTAIN SPECIALE - Smokey, nutty and slightly sweet. Medium to full body, very clean finish.
  • BRAZIL RAIN FOREST CLASSICO - A truly luxurious Brazilian. Hints of molasses and caramel. Full bodied with smoky overtones. Terrific aroma. Good from dark roast all the way to espresso.
  • BALI ISLAND BLUE MOON VOLCANO - Exotic and unique cup with a rich, buttery mouthfeel, while retaining Indonesia’s full-bodied, savory character.  It features fruit flavors at lighter roasts; darker roasts develop a heavier body with a spicy, smoky twist.
  • KCR BLEND - Freshly roasted and ground in Gainesville, TX for Keurig K-cup refillable pods. Full flavor with a smooth finish. 
  • HONDURAS SAN ANTONIO LAS BOTIJAS - An aroma of holiday spice bread, but 100% single origin beans. Caramel and almond nuances with a chocolate sweetness. Good roasted dark.
  • PAPUA NEW GUINEA- Bold, earthy, and smoky.
  • KENYA AA - Rich loamy soil and high altitudes add to notes of cane sugar, fruit flavors, and rich body.
  • COLUMBIA - Bold, flavorful, and balanced. Bright, fruity, and smooth. A very nice aroma.
  • SUMATRA - Smoky, big and bold. Thick and creamy.
  • SUMATRA DECAF - Smoky, earthy, and full bodied. For those who want decaf AND taste.
  • ETHIOPIA YIRGACHEFFE -  The world's first coffee. A little darker toned than many Ethiopians with complexity and sweetness and citrus/floral notes.
  • GUATEMALA ANTIGUA - This region’s rich volcanic soil and cool weather provide the perfect conditions to produce one of the world’s best coffees. It offers an exquisite roundness, deep caramel notes, and a bright, nutty, full body.
  • HAWAII 100% MAUI ESTATE - Not a blend. 100% estate grown in Maui. Medium body, rich, nice aroma.
  • MALAWI MZUZU - Fair Trade and Organic. Smoky overtones, heavy body, smooth and creamy.
  • ESPRESSO BLEND - A rich, full flavor cup. This coffee is chocolaty and sweet with a nutty base, moderate acidity and a full body. Just enough kick to get through those milky drinks.
  • TANZANIA KILIMANJARO - Hints of sweetness and lemongrass. Nicely balanced with spicy cocoa overtones.
  • MEXICO CHIAPAS - Fair Trade and Organic. Recognized for having a medium body, light to medium acidity, sweet, a hint of dark chocolate, balanced.
  • UGANDA MOUNT ELGON - an ORGANIC, RAIN FOREST ALLIANCE CERTIFIED (conserving biodiversity and ensuring sustainable livelihoods) coffee at a very reasonable price ($15/lb). It is a single origin coffee with a rich full body and tastes of toffee, caramel and molasses with deep fruit. UNIQUE AND EARTHY.


Hello. My name is Mark Davidson. I roast beans.

Fresh roasted green coffee beans, done to order, in my country coffee kitchen in the small North Texas town of Valley View.

I buy green beans from all over the world and roast them in my Sonofresco commercial roaster. Your beans are roasted only after you have ordered, so they are the freshest possible.​


  • Roasts levels are medium or dark
  • Whole beans or ground for drip
  • Standard packing is 1 pound

Pricing is $15 for 1st pound and $13 for subsequent pounds (per purchase). Exception is Hawaiian, which is $20 per pound.


  • Pick up at Rancho Paraiso, 393 County Road 2261, Valley View, TX


  • Shipping is the cost of coffee plus USPS charges.


  1. Place your order.
  2. I notify you of total cost via email.
  3. You mail me your personal check payable to Mark Davidson.
  4. Within 24 hours of receipt of your check, your coffee will be on its way via USPS.


  • Use a tablespoon of ground coffee per 6oz cup. If you like a bolder cup, use 2 tablespoons
  • Put your brewed coffee in an insulated container soon after finished, ensuring no "burned coffee taste"

Enjoy your Sunday morning (or any morning) with the freshest beans possible.

And, what a great gift idea! Gift packs available, including 1 pound of coffee, 2 generous coffee mugs, and 2 hand crocheted coasters, in a gift box...all for $30.


Have a coffee question? Don't see a coffee bean type you would like me to order for you (I can literally order green beans from any coffee growing region in the world). Interested in a special roast, such as espresso? Have a comment on my website? Just let me know. BACK ISSUES OF NEWSLETTERS If you would like a copy of a previously issued newsletter, just note it in the Message section below. Topics include: -FEBRUARY 2015: My equipment, packaging, and brewing hints. -MARCH: Costa Rica coffees, the French Press, and "travel and coffee." -APRIL: Flavor and roasting profiles, storage, and grinders. -MAY: New green bean arrivals. -JUNE: Storing coffee and keeping it fresh. -JULY: How the pros taste coffees. -AUGUST: The great coffees of Columbia. -SEPTEMBER: Coffee bean roasting styles. -OCTOBER: Coffees from India and the Pacific. -NOVEMBER: Blends and blending. -DECEMBER: Coffees of Ethiopia. -JANUARY 2016: Brewing good coffee. -FEBRUARY 2016: Testimonials for Rancho Paraiso Coffee Roasters. -MARCH 2016: Keurig refillable cartridges and popular selections -APRIL 2016: "Build Your Own" Buffet, Jamaica Blue Mountain. -MAY 2016: Single origin beans, drip tray cleanliness. JUNE 2016: Kenya beans, proper brewing practices. -JULY 2016: What do shiny beans mean? Brew philosophy. -AUGUST 2016: Coffee varieties. Highlights of Ethiopia. -SEPTEMBER 2016: KCR BLEND for Keurig. The Bean Belt. Espresso.-OCTOBER: Arabica beans, dosing, which has the most caffeine...light or dark roast? -NOVEMBER: Boiling water, yes or no. Reheating tips.-DECEMBER: Treating coffee right, why we love our mugs.


March 21, 2018

I just made my first cup and it is amazing. Its strong the way I like it too. I will definitely buy again when I'm back in town. I love it.


December 10, 2017

The BEST coffee! I wish I could share your posts.



November 17, 2017

Mr. Davidson,

The coffee is fantastic! Thank you very much, I’ll come pick up more as soon as this bag is done. 



May 4, 2017

You're welcome, my office smells fantastic now.


May 4, 2017

Thanks for the new coffee, Mark. It's very good. I actually prefer the stronger flavor the finer grind provides. The Bali brew was a good change. I found the sweetness it has preferable at first, but began to think of it as bitter toward the end. I really like the chocolate tones of the new one (Tanzania Kilimanjaro).

Thank you for your thoughtful & hand delivered service!!


February 26 2017

Hi, Mark – Really like your website I toured tonight.  If it weren’t two o-clock in the morning, it would have driven me to brew a cup.  You’re really doing a nice job with your venture.  Night!  Karen.

P.S.  Miss the Hacienda!


October 29, 2016

Thank you so very much for giving up your Saturday to be part of Boho Saint Jo with us. I think you are EXACTLY what Boho needed. Thank you for joining us.


October 1, 2016

Please ask the Master Coffee roaster to send a pound of fine ground Hacienda to Georgia. This is the finest drip coffee ever. 




August 24, 2016

Hi there,

I purchased my first pounds at the market last week. It's superb!



July 10, 2016


Morning Mark.  Just wanted to give you a thanks for the Zuzu coffee.  I'm out of town this week but will let you know when I want to pick up 2 pounds of those scrumptious beans.  


July 1, 2016

Hi Mark, 

What another great newsletter. I thoroughly enjoy how you're able to take a daily human ritual, brewing a cup of coffee, and describe it as lovely poetry. That's rather a talent in itself.

I was not aware that the oils melt out of the beans. That made me smile! I like the smell when you first open a bag, or grind fresh beans.

From another morning scientist. Keep roasting!



June 28, 2016

Hubby enjoyed the coffee that you selected for him. Thank you, so did I btw.

I hope business is good for you at the Farmer`s Market' I like that little place so much.

I'll be around for more!




June 18, 2016

Hi Mark. What a treat that Papua New Guinea is, I only hope I can get some more next time I see you. Outstanding!!!



June 9, 2016

Good morning Mark, 

What a wonderful newsletter! 
Well written and informative too. Thank you so very much. 

See you soon, 


May 22, 2016

EXcellent!  Think this (Hacienda Blend) will be one of my favorites.



March 25, 2016


Thanks for making the 8oz. bags available.  The Yirgacheffe was predictably awesome and the Costa Rica is now on my favorites list. Need to sample the Espresso blend another time or two but I think it is going to be a winner as well.

Thanks again,



Feb. 27, 2016

Made the coffee I purchased from you yesterday (Ranch Blend) and indeed it is amazing. The lady in the little Mazda (Black car) Thanks!


Hey Mark! My name is Zoe and I manage the blog at Onepager. I just wanted to let you know that we posted a writeup of your website for our Featured Onepager series. Each week, we highlight a small business who we think has a particularly awesome website. So thank you for being a great example for us to feature this week!

Wake up and smell this week’s Featured Onepager!

Rancho Paraiso is a small batch coffee roaster located in Valley View, Texas.

Why We Like It:

We like our Onepagers like we like our coffee: full-bodied, no milk. Before you reach for another cup of coffee to work up enough energy to understand our very clever metaphor, let us explain: Rancho Paraiso’s site is filled to the brim with all sorts of in-depth information about their coffee-making process: from the beans’ origins to tasting notes to at-home brewing instructions, this boutique roaster gives customers all the knowledge they need to fully enjoy each cup of their delicious coffee. Since there’s a lot to take in, they’ve very thoughtfully provided an index at the top of the main content to help curious coffee enthusiasts navigate the wealth of information. As for the milk part of our metaphor, we find that dairy generally doesn’t help websites much.

In addition to providing valuable information about their products, Rancho Paraiso’s website also keeps customers current on the store’s latest goings-on. We created Onepager to make it easy for small businesses to quickly modify their sites; Rancho Paraiso has taken advantage of just that by posting an announcement about their summer farmer’s market schedule, complete with business hours and an exact location. In another smart move, they’ve added a “Last updated July 4, 2015” timestamp to assure customers that what they’re reading is up-to-date. So once fall rolls around, they can update it with whatever exciting news is going on then.

Congratulations, Rancho Paraiso, on a site that has us buzzing!


Dec 8, 2015

Mark, thanks for the newsletter. Really am enjoying the Hacienda blend. And the interesting info on different beans, locales, & processing. See you soon. 



On Nov 19, 2015, at 7:23 PM, Don wrote:


Thanks for the great newsletter. I brewed a cup of the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe this morning and enjoyed sipping on it for a couple of hours. It was excellent.  I'll be back!


Oct. 3, 2015


I really enjoy your newsletter. Thank you for doing this.

Even after several years of exploring the world beyond Folgers, including home roasting, I can say with confidence I am still very green (see what I did there) in my knowledge of coffee and even less so in any kind of discerning palate.

However, it's a fun, if not sometimes frustrating, journey!

I have tried the Kopi Luak for no other reason than I wanted to. Not too crazy about it. That being said, Sumatra is among my top favorites!



Sept 22, 2015

Mark,  thank you for dropping off my new coffee.  We had a fun weekend trying them all.  Very very fresh!!!!! And delicious!!!!

Many thanks

Taking a delicious iced coffee with me to office this morning.


June 24, 2015

So good to be home...thanks for some of that amazing Mark Davidson 100% Maui coffee.



Mark that Maui coffee is dee-lish-us! 



July 3, 2015

Great to meet you and get some real coffee while I'm up here in Gainesville. 

There is a joke about New Orleans that we carry spices and coffee with us when we travel. It is pretty much true even today.  Now I will have to take your coffee back south when I go.

My mom commented from across the room as how good the grind smelled when I opened the bag. The grinds are just right for the Keurig 'fill your own' cup and the brew is not filled with fine sediment. You have a winner with your grind process.

Thanks again and I will be looking forward to your newsletter.

Best of luck in your venture,